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United Concordia Dental Simplifies the Benefit Election and Enrollment Process for New Businesses
Nov 10, 2021

HARRISBURG, Pa. (11/10/2021) – New businesses looking to work with United Concordia Dental can now use the benefit administration platform, Employee Navigator, to make it easier to offer multiple types of coverage and transmit enrollment and benefit information.

“At United Concordia, our goal is to create remarkable experiences for our customers. This means we need to continuously invest in technologies and tools that are faster to find or use, easier to access or clearer to understand,” said Tom Palmer, senior vice president, Sales and Service. “We’re pleased to partner with Employee Navigator, a well-known, benefit administration platform, to further expand the availability of United Concordia’s unique products and services to our customers.”

Employee Navigator offers benefit administration software that is used by insurance brokers and carriers to help employers and their employees effectively manage their health benefits, including dental.

“By automating enrollment, benefits eligibility and more, this platform helps simplify the process for all involved,” said Palmer. “As technology continues to change the benefits election and enrollment process, platforms like this one help save time, reduce errors and enhance transparency for employers and their employees.”


Beth Rutherford
United Concordia Dental

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