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National Dentist Day: Saluting Dental Practices for Meeting the Challenge of COVID-19
Mar 5, 2021

HARRISBURG, Pa. (03/05/2021) – For National Dentist Day (March 6), United Concordia Dental, a national dental solutions partner is saluting their participating dentists for ensuring their practices are safe amidst the pandemic while providing the same high-level quality of care.

“Most businesses have had to institute COVID-19 safety measures- but the rate of adaptation dental practices have accomplished compared to the rate of time they were given to do so should truly be recognized and appreciated,” said Jim Shade, senior vice president, Dental Network Ops, Services and Solutions for United Concordia.  “While routine cleanings may be easy to postpone, many more urgent procedures are not elective, and our dentists should be commended for the swiftness of making their practices safe.”

While any medical setting had similar challenges at the onset of the pandemic, dentistry provided a more unique challenge due to risk factors by aerosol.  While telemedicine (teledentistry) or remote visits are increasing and can be quite useful in consultation and follow-ups, in dentistry, the patient will ultimately have to visit a practice.

Roughly 80% of dental practices are small businesses, with a staff of between five and 10.  While the dental industry already had an overwhelmingly positive reputation for asepsis and sterilization, United Concordia appreciates their participating dentists for adapting to the last year so quickly.

“Small private practices secured PPE, went beyond their already high-standard of infection control, and were clever in spacing appointments and modifying waiting areas to see patients with pressing dental problems, and to continue routine care and cleanings.  The care of United Concordia members is just as good as it was before the pandemic,” said Shade.  “Without many of the resources or infrastructure of much larger organizations, these local businesses made it happen, and we should be grateful for that.”

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