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Tips to Combat Stress-related Dental Conditions as Prevalence Increases
Apr 13, 2022

HARRISBURG, Pa. (April 13, 2022) — As stress-related dental conditions continue to rise, United Concordia Dental offers some tips during Stress Awareness Month to help reduce its impact on the mouth.

In a recent poll conducted by the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute, the majority of dentists are seeing an increase in stress-related conditions among patients, like teeth grinding at 69% and chipped or cracked teeth at 63%.

“Increased stress levels can lead to the clenching or grinding of teeth, and increased anxiety can distract you from your typical oral care routine,” said Quinn Dufurrena, DDS, J.D., chief dental officer, United Concordia. “If left untreated, the effects of stress can be very damaging, but by taking a more active role in stress reduction and your oral health, most of these conditions can be avoided.”

Stress can also contribute to inflamed gum tissue from the weakening of the immune system, cavities from eating unhealthy foods that are high in sugar, canker sores and oral cancer from choosing unhealthy coping mechanisms like smoking or drinking alcohol.

Whatever the cause, stress reduction is important to maintaining one’s oral and overall health. Here are some recommendations that may help reduce the impact stress can have on the mouth:

  • If clenching teeth, relax your jaw muscles and let your teeth part.
  • Build your body’s immune system by getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet.
  • Limit alcohol, caffeine and tobacco intake.
  • Brush and floss regularly and visit your dentist every six months.

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